My Pinterest Tries

Welcome! On this page you can view my attempts to actually try some of the pins I've pinned on Pinterest.:-) As you can see, the results vary, but I'm having fun!

Spring Platter  2018

I was pretty happy with how this turned out. I'm already making plans to turn it into a Summer beach in a couple of months!

Halloween Notepad 2017

My notepads aren't as fancy as the inspiration. I simply decorated the strip at the top. I can still tear off the pages and keep the decorated top.

Ponytail Holders 2017


These little ponytail holders are exactly what needed to give polish to my ponytail.

Recently I helped host an Adoption Shower at church. I wanted to do something special for the families, so I created shadow boxes into which well wishers could put their congratulations, encouragements, etc.... I covered the back panel with the words, "Together We Make a Family." The puzzle pieces represent the pieces of their families coming together. 

You can see the inspiration HERE.

May 2017
Button Card

I made this to demonstrate at a Pinterest Party. I thought it turned out pretty well.:-) It's quite a bit different from the original inspiration which you can fine HERE. I absolutely loved the inspiration, but, since I can barely sew a button, decided to go the decorated paper route instead. I used real buttons, and made my mason jar out of paper, then decorated with stickers.

December 2016
Peppermint Patties and Snowman Cookies
The Peppermint Patties didn't come out as pretty and round as the inspirations, but they tasted great, so I'm refusing to call them a fail. The inspiration for the cookies were actually cupcakes. I wanted cookies.:-)

November 2016
Turkey Binder Clip Art

August 2016
Lil' Monster Bookmarks

July 2016
God Bless America Picture

December 2016
Peppermint Plates

October 2015
Bible Journaling
My 1st illustrated journal page based on John 3:16.

December 2014
Christmas Tags 

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