Friday, March 27, 2015

Review: Star of the Team


by Beverly Stowe McClure

Kate Taylor has big plans. She's going to be the star of the Angel’s basketball team. This is her year to shine. She comes to practice ready to put in any work necessary to make her dream come true.
However, a new girl, Emily McKay, has joined the team. Kate quickly finds out two things about Emily. She’s not very friendly, and she can play basketball.  Still, Kate is confident. She’ll show Emily who the Star of the Team is.  
 And then Kate gets hurt. And the one thing she can’t fight is her coach/mother who (for some reason) is more worried about Kate’s injury than Kate’s being the best player on the team. To add to Kate’s confusion, her friend, Simon announces he’s going to try out for the team. A boy playing on a girls’ basketball team? Kate’s not really sure how she feels about that.
So, what do you do when life turns unfair and your plans are falling apart? Plenty if you're Kate! I love the way this character doesn't just moan and complain. Instead, she takes action. Do her solutions always work? Hilariously no! But she doesn’t give up.
Kate is fun and stubborn and determined. Just the way I like my heroines.

You can find out more about Kate and Beverly on Beverly's website.

 Beverly Stowe McClure


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Beverly Stowe McClure said...

Thank you for the fanstastic review, Susan. Kate and I are so happy you enjoyed the story. You describe her personality completely. She doesn't like to lose at a game or at life.
I appreciate your time and thoughts.

Susan York Meyers said...

Thanks for letting me meet Katie, Beverly. I wish both of you luck:-)