Friday, December 12, 2014

Poinsettia Day

The Story of the Poinsettia

Maria and Pablo always looked forward to the Christmas festival. Every year they'd  watch the manger scene being built in the village church. But as happy as they were to see the manger, it also made them sad. The brother and sister were very poor and had no money to by a gift for the baby Jesus.
"It's Christmas Eve," Maria told Pablo. "How I wish we had something to honor the baby Jesus."
"Me too," Pablo replied. "Maybe we'll find something on the way to church."
But, alas, the only thing growing along the path was some scraggly weeds. With heavy hearts, the children picked the weeds. At least it was something to lay before the manger.
The snickers from the other children in the village started as soon as they saw the meager gift.
"Hey, you're supposed to be bringing something for the baby Jesus, not the cow," one boy hollered.
"Those aren't stink weeds are they?" a little girl scoffed.
Maria and Pablo ignored the other children. They carefully laid the weeds in front of the baby Jesus. 
Soon gasps were heard. The green weeds were turning red! Soon the front of the manger was festooned with bright, beautiful star shaped flowers.
The star shaped flowers, or poinsettia's became known as the Christmas flower, a beautiful present for the greatest present ever given to earth.

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