Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Guest Poet: Maria Veres

November Dreams

I love grocery-store Thanksgiving fliers.

Every year I spread them out on the bare table

and drool. I ponder delicious options:

cranberries, pumpkin, beans, potatoes.

Turkeys, fresh or frozen, fried or grilled.

Yams, corn, squash, beets.

Rolls, white or wheat or rye.

For dessert, a Dutch apple pie or . . .

Then the cat

jumps onto the littered

kitchen counter, rattles

yesterday’s unwashed pizza pan.

Reality returns.

I’ve never in my life

cooked a turkey.

~Maria Veres

May you and yours have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving.

God Bless,



Rena said...

Love this!

smeade said...

Very nice, Maria! Thanks for sharing this, Susan. Hope you both had a very blessed Thanksgiving.