Monday, July 26, 2010

The Future of Books

Are ebooks going to be the death knell for print books? It's a very interesting topic to me as a writer and a reader. Kind of like the paper or plastic debate (kill the trees or fill the landfills!).
Electronic books sales are on the rise while print books sales, especially hardback, are on the decline. Even Sesame Street is getting in on the act with interactive versions of some of its classics.
I still have trouble wrapping my mind around curling up with a good electronic book. But other die-hard readers swear by them. (And I'm talking about people who read Wuthering Heights and A Tale of Two Cities as opposed to the latest Celebrity tell-all.)
So... am I a book snob or a dinosaur who needs to get with the future? Will I be passing beautifully illustrated picture books down to my grandchildren, or right-clicking on the mouse?

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The Future of Books

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