Friday, March 19, 2010

Small Talk Six

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6 things you love to eat, but rarely get to because at least one other person in your household does not care for it

1. Salisbury Steak
2. Fudge - Can you believe there are people alive who don't like fudge? If I make it, I have to give it away or I end up eating it all.
3. Casseroles
4. Chinese Food
5. Peanut Butter French Toast (If you're intrigued, see my March 1st post on how to make this decadent dish)
6. Pepperoni Pizza

"Keep reading and dreaming"

God Bless,

1 comment:

Daenel said...

No fudge or Chinese Food? Aren't those parts of the major food groups? LOL Have a great weekend.