Monday, February 15, 2010

Quickie Interview: Manelle Oliphant

Manelle is the illustrator for the Princess and the Pee!

Where do you live? I live in Salt Lake City, Utah.

How did you get started drawing? I don't remember ever not drawing. I have always spent hours drawing and coloring. In fact I remember being around nine years old and going to my friends birthday party where we were supposed to go dressed as what we wanted to be when we grow up. I went dressed as an artist.

What were some of your artistic inspirations? I'd have to say one of my first was Michelangelo. I had an art teacher that made some comments about him in one of my classes which began my love of art history. I went to the library and found out all I could about him. After I exhausted all the info they had on him I moved on to DaVinci and many of the other renaissance artists. I also really love the Impressionists, the Pre-Raphelites, James McNiell Whistler, and Vermeer. Illustrators that have really influenced me are Trina Hyman, PJ Lynch, and Lisbeth Zwerger, Brett Helquist and Lane Smith.

How many books have your illustrated? That have been published? 5 but I doubt you've heard of any of them. :)

What is your favorite place to work? I love working at my desk with a pile of chocolate and a great book on CD to listen to. Bless the public library for having so many. I love sketching everywhere, especially in church. (I promise it helps me listen.)

What are you working on now? I am working on a book with some really cut dogs. But that is about all I can say about that now.

Do you have a website? URL? and I also have a blog

Do you have a favorite quote?
"You don't have to get angry because your so stupid!"
ha ha It's from an old movie called Easy Living. and I think it's funny. But on a serious note here is one by Whistler I really like. (That guy sure was really quoteable.)

"A picture is finished when all trace of the means used to bring about the end has disappeared."
--James Abbot McNeill Whistler

"Keep reading and dreaming"

God Bless,

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