Monday, August 3, 2009

Watermelon Day

Life is like a Watermelon. Really! Actually this analogy worked better when all Watermelons had seeds. That's right, boys and girls, used to Watermelons came with these big, black seeds in them. Those seeds were intended by God (I'm sure of it!) for spitting. Why else would they be the perfect size for putting in your mouth and shooting them out again?
Anyway, back to how Watermelon's are like life. Think about sitting outside on a warm summer evening. You have a slice of delicious red melon in your hands. You eat a bite and ready a seed on your tongue. You aim at your annoying little brother and spit. You try over and over to hit that wiggly, giggly menace.
Some of the seeds hit the ground.
Some land in your aunt's hair (and boy is she going to be mad when she realizes that's not flies she's swatting at).
Some of them whiz past the pest's shoulder.
But sometimes, with luck and perseverance, you hit your target.

In life, if you're only spitting out one seed, you're bound to miss your opportunities. You have to keep putting that seed in your mouth and spitting. That's the way to get the right editor, agent, publishing house, etc...

So... write, spit and reload.

"Keep reading and dreaming"

God Bless,

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