Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I've been belatedly cleaning up my flower beds. In the process, my hubby and I discovered an evergreen tree growing all on its own.
"You said you wanted one," he said. "Here's your chance."
Unfortunately, the tree weren't going to make it in its location of choice, so I replanted. In the process of moving it, I found it wasn't one little tree, but two. And then I found another teeny one that I replanted by it's bigger siblings. So, I now have little three evergreens lining one side of my walkway... my little gifts from God. Now, we'll see if they can survive my tender love and care (hey, my son did, so there's hope!).

Everything needs nurturing, be it a story idea, child or talent. We nurture what we want to see succeed.
What in your life needs nurturing?

"Keep reading and dreaming"

God Bless,

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