Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ya Gotta Have Friends

Writing, for the most part, is a lonely trade. Oh, it has it's trade-offs. I mean, who else gets to talk to the voices in their head and say it's all part of the job? It's like sailing in a small raft with all your best imaginary friends. But even so, after awhile you need to talk (and listen) to someone besides your characters.
Someone who understands the frustration of getting a plot down on paper...
Someone who can sympathize when that publisher who would have been just right, says no...
Someone who understands!

That's why critique groups are so wonderful. If you're an author sitting in that small raft with just your characters for company, consider sailing on the big ship. Yes, sometimes it can seem like the ship of fools, but you'd be surprised how often your fellow authors can come through with encouragement, advice and laughter (hence the fools). There are online groups, one-on-one critiquers, critique groups, schmooze groups... Believe me, you might never want to get back into that raft!

A good place to start is They have listings of local SCBWI conferences, places to sign up for critique partners and boards for posting. Scared to share yourself? Don't be. Remember, these are your fellow writers... they understand.

"Keep reading and dreaming"

God Bless,

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Staci said...

Thanks for the tip-I'll have to check out the site. You're right-it can be lonely!