Sunday, June 21, 2009

World Handshake Day!

How would your characters shake hands? Take four characters from your novel. Then think about how they would shake hands.

These characters are from my YA novel, I Spy Something Wicked.

Tessa - A firm handshake, but she'd be looking up from under her eyelashes to gauge your mood and reaction.
Andre - As a ghost, Andre doesn't do much handshaking. But his would be firm and he'd look you in the eye.
Chloe - Chloe doesn't do a lot of handshaking... she's a hugger. Her handshake would be a quick clasp as she goes for your shoulders.
Buster - An easy handshake with an easy grin.

How well do you know your characters? Do you know what their reaction would be in situations as big as a death in the family or something as small as a handshake?

"Keep reading and dreaming"

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