Friday, June 19, 2009

Quickie Interview: Donna Boock

Where do you live? I live on a small lake in a tiny dot on the map in Northeast Pennsylvania. It's a beautiful place where there are four seasons, three of which I love, and the other I use to get my writing to the fireplace while playing referee for my two children and puppy!

What was your last work published? In April 2009, Highlights for Children published my story, "Ducktective Max and the Missing Farm Animals." Since writing has been my dream since childhood, it was exhilarating to hold the copy in my hand!

What is your next work coming out? Highlights for Children purchased a story I'd submitted to their annual fiction contest, but I haven't been given a publication date yet. It's called, "Night Owl Nabs the Sheep Snatcher." Like "Ducketive Max", it is a short story mystery built from some very familiar nursery rhymes.

What are you reading? I just bought Lisa Scottoline's new book, "Look Again" yesterday. I haven't started it yet, but have read several others she's written and I always love a good mystery.

Where is your favorite place to snuggle down and read? With two little ones? Anywhere I can find a few quiet moments! I consider a warm, bubbly tub or cozied in my bed ideal, but I always keep a good book in the car in case the kids fall asleep while we're driving and I can steal some quiet time there. Of course, I pull into a parking lot first. :) I'm also big on audio books because I can multitask and listen while I'm getting other things done, like making dinner, driving, or cleaning. I am a book addict with very little time to read these days, so I have to be creative!

Do you have a website? I don't yet, but I'm thinking about creating one soon.

Do you have a favorite quote? Well, I'm sure you're looking for something more profound, but I think my three year old daughter says it best when she says, "Ice cream is a sometimes food you can eat all the time." Sometimes, the words of my little 'character' are funnier than anything I could have made up! ;)

"Keep reading and dreaming"

God Bless,


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