Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Quickie Interview: Linda Joy Singleton

Where do you live? In the foothills southeast of Sacramento.

What was your last work published? DEAD GIRL WALKING from Flux, a paranormal dramedy that came out in September 2008.

What is your next work coming out? DEAD GIRL DANCING comes out in March 2008.

What are you reading? BEHIND THE CURTAIN by Peter Abrahams -- excellent mg mystery!

Where is your favorite place to snuggle down and read? My bed with pillow propped up behind me.

Do you have a website? yes! Its focus is mystery and magical kid books.

What is the URL? www.LindaJoySingleton.com

Do you have a favorite quote? Don't know the exact words or who said them:You only fail if you fail to try.

"Keep reading and dreaming"

God Bless,

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