Saturday, November 15, 2008

Quickie Interview: Hans Wilhelm

Where do you live?

In a beautiful old farmhouse in Connecticut where we just had the most spectacular Indian Summer I can remember
What was your last work published?

WISE UP, SILLY OWL written by Steve Metzger (Scholastic) and a new Thanksgiving adventure in the NOODLES series. It is called "I'M NO TURKEY". I have both books on my website under "new books"

What is your next work coming out?

It's called HUGABOO - I LOVE YOU. A wonderful board-book for the very young. (Scholastic)

What are you reading?

Angels in Action by Robert Kirven
A Thousand Names for Joy by Byron Katie

Where is your favorite place to snuggle down and read?

In my study and sometimes in bed if I'm not too tired

Do you have a website?

I got three and one of them has many of my children's books for FREE. It's called
But there is also
and a special one for my pig:
Do you have a favorite quote?

This one is going to be on my tombstone:

He has seen it all and he has loved it all.

"Keep reading and dreaming"

God Bless,

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