Saturday, October 25, 2008

Quickie Interview: Debbie Ridpath

How did you get started creating such wonderful comics for writers?

Thanks! I've been doing online comics about Lord of the Rings fans, as well as a semi-autobiographical strip, so I decided to try my hand at one-panel comics for writers. That was a lot of fun, so then I launched Will Write For Chocolate.

>> What are some of your artistic inspirations?

Hm...that's a hard question because I'm not sure. I suspect I'm influenced by everything I read, so here are some of the comics I read regularly these days:

Tiny Sepuku by Ken Cursoe
Pooch Cafe by Paul Gilligan
Dinosaur Comics by Ryan North
PartiallyClips by Rob Balder
xkcd by Randall Munroe
Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson

My biggest artistic inspiration and influence is my sister, Ruth Ohi.

>> Do you consider yourself more of an artist or a writer?

A writer. I love doing both, but I've been writing for far longer and have had no training in art.

>> What are you reading?

I'm one of those people who have multiple books on the go at any one time, usually depending on where I am. I also currently have a bunch of e-books loaded up in my iPhone. The books I'm reading right now:

Mira, Mirror - by Mette Ivie Harrison
Jane Eyre - by Charlotte Brontë (re-reading)
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood - by Rebecca Wells
Getting Things Done - by David Allen
Eclipse - by Stephanie Meyers
Making Comics - by Scott McCloud

>> Where is your favorite place to snuggle down and read?

In bed.

I also love reading in the tub, but my reading material is limited to dog-eared well-loved paperbacks and other books whose pages I don't mind wrinkling. And in case anyone who has ever lent me a book is reading this, I want to reassure them that I take excruciating care of borrowed books and WOULD NEVER TAKE YOUR BOOK INTO THE BATHTUB WITH ME, HONEST.

>> Do you have a website?

Um, several. My husband thinks I need to cut down but each of these sites -does- serve a unique purpose! Here are some of them:

INKYGIRL.COM: Daily Diversions For Writers
Blatherings: my personal journal
Curiosity: graphic novel progress my online portfolio
Urban Tapestry: my music group
Will Write For Chocolate: comic strip
My Life In A Nutshell: semi-autobiographical comic strip
Waiting For Frodo: old comic strip
Waiting For Bilbo: new comic strip

>> Do you have a favorite quote?

"Life is not a dress rehearsal." -Rose Tremain (b. 1943), British author.

I love this quote so much that I have it up in my office as a permanent wall transfer:

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