Friday, July 11, 2008

Quickie Interview: Katie Speck

I've lived in Kansas City, MO since I married more years ago then I have any intention of saying!
Maybelle in the Soup was my first book and came out in September of '07.
My next book, Maybelle Goes to Tea, will be out on August 4 of this year. Recorded Books has just bought the audio rights to both books. The audio for Soup will be available in July, and Tea in October. I'm really excited!
I'm reading A Curse Dark as Gold, by a friend and critique partner of mine, Elizabeth Bunce. Amazing!
When I want to get lost in a book, I bunk down on the living room sofa with a cat or two. Reading in bed at night is delicious, but it puts me right to sleep.
My website ( was designed by a writer friend, who's still at work on it. The Bug Bites page promises a recipe for the Chocolate Surprise cookies Mrs. Peabody makes in Maybelle Goes to Tea. I've got to come up with and test a kid friendly recipe in the next few weeks, so I'm letting out the waistbands in my clothes. Like Maybelle, I'm very compulsive about chocolate!
My favorite quote is one I heard recently (don't know the original source) in the movie Bella: "If you want to make God laugh, make plans."

"Keep reading and dreaming!"

God Bless,

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